1994/95 Southwold refit

September 1994, Christian Dervichian sailed from Ardfern, Scotland to Southwold via Falmouth, Cornwall and Brighton. Several companions joined for short legs of the journey

In Spring 1995, Christian rented a cottage in Suffolk while working on the refit. May 1995, he sailed from Southwold back to Falmouth, Cornwall and then hopped across in the fog to Scilly islands en route to North West Spain and Portugal before crossing the Atlantic to Antiqua, West Indies.

Here are some pics of the ‘Blue Shadow’ refit in Southwold 1994/5 – stripped down keel and relaunch. The replaced timber was port side of stem (not stbd) and part of the stem itself. All bottom planking was planed off mechanically beforehand with no loss of timber.

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