2023 – Will Blue Shadow race or cruise again?

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In 1998 Blue Shadow was modified from a spartan racing outfit with narrow bunks for eight racing crew into a more comfortable cruising outfit with two double bunks and two single. In 2021 her new owner, Warren Muir, planned to build a totally new cruising interior but now, after removing all the 1998 interior fittings and much of the original outfit, he is no longer able to complete the project due to unforeseen circumstances.

Is there is a hidden blessing in this situation?

Could it be that Blue Shadow is secretly preparing herself for racing again?

She has certainly been lightened up considerably. All the heavy lifting has been done by Warren. Her old Perkins engine has also been rebuilt. All she needs now is a new owner with a vision for the future.

Why not give her a second chance to race again and perhaps even win the Cape to Rio, this time in the classic category? (Next event is December 2024.)

Whatever future awaits her – cruising or racing or perhaps some other adventure …oil-free/wind propelled small cargo boat?

Good luck Blue Shadow!

More about Blue Shadow

Blue Shadow is a 1975 classic sailing boat currently in South Africa and for sale.

Wood hull, Perkins engine
Sloop and cutter rig
Length 13.62 m (44 ft 7)
Breadth 3.9 m (12. ft  9.5)
Depth 2.28 m  (7 ft  5.8 )

For more information contact
Warren Muir
+27 (0)83 289 4071

Visit her sales page for more specifics.

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