1992 – Newport to Azores

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These images and memories from Wan ling Sung who sailed with Christian from Newport, USA to Azores in 1992. Enroute they met a storm, with wind speeds above instrument (+ 100 nm/hr!)

‘Yes, we did the Newport to Azores trip with Christian in 1992.
I didn’t keep journal of the trip but remembered it started off being foggy followed by three days of storm…where watches consisted of putting one’s head out to have a quick look around every so often. I think Christian put a little headsail up at one point. Most of that time we were under bare pole.
After the storm it was ‘normal’ sailing with flying fish landing on deck. Not sure if we actually ate them.
All went well, until very early one morning, I was on the helm on my own, enjoying the gentle sunshine and warmth, everybody else fast asleep below. I felt the boat gently turn, when I tried to correct her there was no response. Oops I thought, something’s up. We had lost our rudder!
We had sailed past Das Flores and were heading for Horta. – I only have these two photos of the trip. – Wan.’

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